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JP-2017105383-A: 車両の運転支援装置 patent, JP-2017117512-A: データを記憶する方法 patent, JP-2017118877-A: 甲殻類の生の状態での発色方法及び発色甲殻類の製造方法 patent, JP-2017121264-A: パズル及びコンピュータープログラム patent, JP-2017157181-A: コンピューターのcpuで複素数を実数で計算する方法 patent, JP-2017507580-A: 無線リソース制御接続の再確立手順のための構成条件 patent, JP-2017519297-A: 自動航空機のための物体回避 patent, JP-H01100488-A: Ultrasonic range finder patent, JP-H01101512-A: Method for forming symbol/mark on lens of glasses patent, JP-H01111191-A: Structure of water-cooled type through hole for combustion furnace patent, JP-H01123889-A: Method of preventing breaking of soft rock patent, JP-H01124513-A: Method and apparatus for packing pipe end patent, JP-H01127707-A: Erection of flexible film rising-falling dam patent, JP-H01162074-A: Automatic gain control method in facsimile patent, JP-H01188982-A: Teller machine patent, JP-H01199136-A: Low-temperature cranking simulator patent, JP-H01215493-A: Flux cored wire for welding austenitic stainless steel patent, JP-H01246381-A: Anticorrosive structure of bolt thread part patent, JP-H01247846-A: Gear transmission device patent, JP-H01267037-A: Manufacture of decorative sheet having relief pattern patent, JP-H01269637-A: Outside mirror for automobile patent, JP-H01270009-A: Optical coupling device patent, JP-H01285435-A: Trouble detector for air bag unit patent, JP-H01287462-A: Packing material and column for liquid chromatography patent, JP-H01304192-A: Drippable concentrated detergent aqueous solution having abrasive property patent, JP-H02114872-A: Electrostatic actuator patent, JP-H02124551-A: Projector for light transmitting plate filing sheet patent, JP-H0213584-A: Group-controlled elevator information service system patent, JP-H02162547-A: Production of optical disk patent, JP-H02163354-A: Manufacture of clad titanium-base alloy member patent, JP-H02163466-A: Fuel injection pump patent, JP-H02164164-A: Loudspeaker telephone system patent, JP-H02171516-A: Hot water feed system patent, JP-H02180455-A: Branching device for asynchronous communication patent, JP-H02186747-A: Communication system of data terminal equipment and frame data buffer memory patent, JP-H02208932-A: Pattern formation patent, JP-H02210115-A: Method and device for setting anchor in loose rock patent, JP-H02212209-A: Pressure controlling device for suspension patent, JP-H02212857-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H02227176-A: Sieving apparatus patent, JP-H02233327-A: Equipment and method for germfree filling patent, JP-H02234644-A: Preparation of milk gruel patent, JP-H02235182-A: Method for correcting image information patent, JP-H02238718-A: A/d converter patent, JP-H02251169-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-H0226115-A: Four-terminal type noise filter and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H02270308-A: Superconducting deflection electromagnet and excitation method thereof patent, JP-H02270526-A: Method and apparatus for manufacturing resin film patent, JP-H02287485-A: Electronic learning machine patent, JP-H02293928-A: Microcomputer patent, JP-H02300930-A: Multiplication circuit patent, JP-H02303702-A: Polishing device in lathe turning machine patent, JP-H02304421-A: Optical node patent, JP-H02305702-A: Article sorting facility patent, JP-H0240245-A: Method and device for preventing dew condensation of waste gas from precrushing mill patent, JP-H0259484-A: Device for growing single crystal patent, JP-H0259710-A: Object optical microscope patent, JP-H0263442-A: Ultrasonic wave feeler and ultrasonic wave diagnosis device patent, JP-H0286187-A: Method of baking ceramic substrate patent, JP-H0291556-A: Oxygen concentration analyzer patent, JP-H0295730-A: Intake control valve system for engine patent, JP-H03112615-A: Molding method for rubber patent, JP-H03123093-A: Manufacture of copper plated laminated board patent, JP-H03130983-A: Pipeline serial memory and method for the pipeline patent, JP-H03157080-A: Method and apparatus for picture signal patent, JP-H03160956-A: Protein-containing food and drink material, protein-containing drink and production thereof patent, JP-H03182247-A: Ozone air discharging mat device patent, JP-H03186264-A: Chair for transferring patient patent, JP-H032023-A: Initial diagnostic device in extrusion molding controling device patent, JP-H03237408-A: Production of optical device patent, JP-H03258396-A: Sewage treating device patent, JP-H03265207-A: Chip electronic component patent, JP-H03266764-A: Air-conditioner for railway car patent, JP-H03272843-A: Manufacture of resin sandwich type steel plate superior in weldability patent, JP-H03273884-A: Noncontact floating device patent, JP-H03281150-A: Contact detecting device patent, JP-H0343279-A: Printing head gap setting mechanism patent, JP-H0343463-A: Polymerized dye, its preparation and silver halide photosensitive material containing the same patent, JP-H0353135-A: Distribution type optical fiber temperature sensor patent, JP-H038898-A: Partially transparent paper patent, JP-H04100780-A: Power steering device patent, JP-H04115791-A: Power supply display device for amplifier for catv equipment patent, JP-H04119203-A: Drive controller for actuator patent, JP-H04132986-A: Ultrasonic detector patent, JP-H0413897-A: Piston ring patent, JP-H04139008-A: Production of oxide superconductor patent, JP-H04154192-A: Plating of printed wiring board patent, JP-H04182034-A: Strip edge part forming roll of welded steel tube patent, JP-H04190899-A: Production method for molding using sludge component patent, JP-H04243602-A: Low aspect ratio pneumatic tire patent, JP-H04300091-A: Flux cored wire for horizontal fillet welding patent, JP-H04361271-A: Resin composition for toner patent, JP-H0443925-A: Pyroelectric infrared rays detector patent, JP-H0444367-A: Method of molding led luminous display element patent, JP-H0446318-A: Active matrix display device patent, JP-H04504192-A: patent, JP-H0466148-A: Coating method patent, JP-H0473115-A: Method of simultaneously molding synthetic and non-synthetic resin materials patent, JP-H048664-A: Article transporter patent, JP-H0510286-A: Electric pump patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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